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WPMO 2005, 7th International Conference on Clinical Forensic Medicine of the World Police Medical Officers - May 13, 2005

The 15th World Congress on Medical Law
Sydney Australia - August 2, 2005

"EyeCheck Comparison" by Champaign County, Illinois Probation and Court Services Department January 2003

Brown County Probation Department Pilot Study, December 2002

Forensics Drug Study Author: Jack Richman Affiliation: The New England College of Optometry 2002

Illinois State Police 18-month pilot study completed February 2002.

EyeCheck™ Pupillometer Pilot Study for validation using GC/MS toxicology. San Diego County Probation. December 2001 San Diego County Probation

West Virginia Roadside Safety Check. Ohio County Sheriffs Dept. WV. October 2001

West Virginia Division of Corrections, Toxicology data match and EyeCheck™ Pupillometry, on inmates, parole, probations, work release and personnel, August- September 1999

24-Hour revalidation Sleep Deprivation vs. Normal, Cadets/Recruits, Illinois State Police Academy, Springfield Illinois. June-November 2001

Wisconsin DRE certification. Milwaukee Co. Sheriffs Dept. Milwaukee WI. drug validation using EyeCheck™ pupillometer with GC/MS toxicology. May 2001

EyeCheck™ pupillometer drug validation study with Maricopa County, AZ. Sheriffs Dept. DRE and Illinois State Police. March 2001

A Pupillometers use for Driving Fatigued, 22nd Pupil Colloquium, Point Clear, Alabama September 1997

Alcohol and its Effects on the Pupil, utilizing EyeCheck™ pupillometer, Illinois State Police Academy, 1998-2001

Alabama Dept. of Forensic Sciences. Chemical Tests for Intoxication, validation study using EyeCheck™ pupillometer matched with urine/blood using GC/MS. May 2001

Boarder Patrol Drug Interdiction, MN State Police. DEA, United States Customs/Canadian Customs. International Falls, MN. September 2000

Minnesota Roadside Safety Check. Minnesota Highway Patrol. Field Research. June 2000

Michigan Roadside Safety Study. Michigan State Police. Field Research. April 2000

24-Hour Sleep Deprivation Study, Illinois State Police Academy, Springfield Illinois, June- July 1999.

Eye pigmentation study of African Americans using EyeCheck™ pupillometer. Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers National Conference. March 1999

12 Hour Sleep Deprivation Study, Minnesota Highway Patrol Police Academy, Camp Ripley, MN, March-April 1999.

Data collection, Peoria County Jail, Toxicology and Pupil Response, Peoria Illinois, October, 1999

22nd Pupil Colloquium, September 2-6,1997

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